I Haven’t Bought Lipstick in Over 2 Years. Here’s Why.


I used to buy lipstick.

I would walk into the Beauty department full of intense, smiling (or not smiling!) faces, multiple brands and overwhelming choices trying to decide on the 1 perfect shade to take home with me that day. Words like high-impact, super-moisturising, creamy, lustrous and accentuating filled the signage around the shelves, wooing me to their product lines.

I would end up with multiple swatches on my hand, holding it up to my face under the harsh mirror lights, and then stand there with a whole lot of strangers around me while I try to work out which one looks best.  Not to mention then trying to find a tissue to wipe it all off before it came off somewhere else by itself!

Inevitably, I would come home with 2 or 3 because I couldn’t decide on just one (because, let’s face it, who can!), and then they would get stored anywhere between my bathroom, the car and my handbag, sometimes even disappearing into that big, black hole of things that you really want but can no longer find.


But then I discovered Lipsense.

Anyone here in New Zealand who has really wanted something you just can’t get here will understand my pain.  I had to watch this wondrous product from afar!  Until one day I didn’t.  It had arrived on our shores, and I bought some straight away. I was in love!  Hands down the best lip product I have ever bought. 

I now have not bought lipstick (or any other makeup for that matter) from a store in over 18 months.  I get to peruse the colour range from the convenience of my own home or with a small group of close friends, I can ask their opinions as I try, and I know the products are all backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Apart from the fact that I can buy Lipsense at a great discount (which you can do too, this post will tell you all about how), and I know I’m not spending more of my hard-earned money than I need to, I get comfort from knowing Lipsense is doing good things for my lips (there’s more information on that here), and I don’t have to keep re-applying every time I eat or drink or see someone new because it says on ALLLL day!

Now I still have swatches on my hands all the time, but that’s because I want to SHOW everyone how amazing Lipsense is and they’re not going to wipe off on anything so I’m pretty safe!

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There’s so many to choose from!

There are nearly 50 shades in the permanent Lipsense range here in New Zealand (which make literally hundreds of different shades when mixed together), along with a wide range of Limited Edition colours too.  Enough to keep me going for a long time to come! If you would like to find out more about Lipsense or any of the other Senegence products, you can contact me here, or you can purchase some for yourself by clicking this link.

Isn’t it just the best thing to sit and look through a good catalogue, and make a wishlist of all the things you just have to have in the future?? This post will show you how you can get a copy of the Beauty Book catalogue for yourself so you can do just that. And don’t forget to come and follow my page, The Beauty of You, for makeup hacks, new product releases and lots more fun.  See you there!

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