How To Get Healthy Hair

Do you remember when you were little and your mother/grandmother would tell you to brush your hair 100 times before bed to get shiny and healthy hair?  No, just me?

Well, I’d love to think that was the one and only secret to healthy hair, but unfortunately there are a few other factors to take into consideration.

By the time we see the hair growth on our head, the hair is actually dead, so most of what we do to look after our hair will come from what we do inside our bodies.  But there are definitely products we can use on our hair to boost its health after it leaves the follicles on our scalp.

Healthy bodies = healthy hair

Our skin, hair and nails are usually pretty good outside indicators as to what is going on inside our body, and since it’s the only one we’ve got, it makes sense to look after it the best we can, I think!

Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Biotin are just some of the nutrients that help to get great hair, so if your hair is looking dull, feeling drier or oilier than normal, has split ends or even is falling out more than you normally experience, it would be good idea to look at parts of your diet to see if there is anything you can do to increase these vitamins and minerals.

Our modern diets can quite easily miss these important nutrients because of the way food is prepared and preserved.  I’ve been on a journey to get back to basics in the last few years, and if you are interested in learning more about how you can start to cook from scratch and be a little bit more self-sufficient you can find out more here.

Understanding our hair growth

You know how animals will shed their fur when the weather gets warmer?  Yeah, we’re not like that.  We have a constant hair loss cycle which is probably for the better because who would want to lose all their hair coming up to summer!

Our hair grows about 15cm each year on average which when you work it out that comes to 0.3 to 0.4 millimetres per day.  So lots of time to get it healthy!

The two structures that make up our hair are the follicle and the shaft (the bit that we can see).  The follicle is where all the work happens and helps to protect the growing shaft.  There are also oil glands and sometimes sweat glands around the follicle too.  The oil can act like a natural conditioner so it’s really important to take note of how much oil you have naturally and when/if that changes, because that will likely have an effect on the condition (excuse the pun!) of your hair.

Hair Maintenance for Strong, Shiny Hair

As well as looking after your body from the inside it’s important to use good quality products on your hair too to give the best chance of being strong and shiny.

Our hair routine, including products, can have the biggest impact whether that’s too much heat, overwashing, or chemical exposure.  Make sure whatever you use it is formulated for your hair type and uses high quality ingredients.

Senegence has 3 hair care ranges

– Haircovery for thinning, limp hair, to help recover the strength, softness and volume of your hair from root to tip.

– Hairbalance for normal to oily hair, to help protect hair colour while deeply cleansing, clarifying and balancing for revitalised hair and scalp.

– Hairplenish for normal to dry hair, to help protect hair colour while gently cleansing and moisturising for nourished scalp and hair.

I have samples available of each hair care range, so you can try before you buy.  Nothing worse than spending money on something and then find it’s not right.  Contact me to get yourself a sample today!

Oh and maybe try 100 brushes every night.  Grandma usually knows what she’s talking about!

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